Property Management


Kansas Commercial is dedicated to providing a wide variety of customized services in order to meet or exceed customer expectations. Our team will design a package of services to meet your specific needs. Key areas of service include:

  • Assume day-to-day operating responsibilities
  • Review and recommend procedures necessary for the smooth operation of the buildings
  • Prepare an operating budget and an analysis for owner's review
  • Develop, review, monitor, and enforce all building/property rules and regulations
  • Establish and/or review specifications for building services
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule to ensure all necessary maintenance is performed on a regular basis in a high-quality manner
  • Provide main office support of on-site personnel and inspect facilities in order to ensure that a project continues to be managed in a highly professional manner


  • Promptly collect all rents and other income derived from the property, including all expense recoveries
  • Promptly pay, using Yardi Voyager 7, all invoices for normal operating services in connection with the property
  • Distribute net cash flow after reserves to the owner
  • Maintain office records, ledgers, and accounts relating to management of property including copies of leases, service contracts, and general correspondence
  • Determine and administer all escalations and pass-thru's according to the terms of the lease agreements
  • Controlled and managed from our centralized helpdesk, Kansas Commercial deploys a mobile and responsive staff to address and fix whatever they encounter


Kansas Commercial provides and performs Construction Management Services for build-out of tenant space, reconstruction, and remodeling. All work is competitively bid and contracted with qualified companies with experience in the marketplace. Our construction management services include:

  • Meet with clients to establish goals and objectives.
  • Review bids and select the best firm for each task
  • Consult with you/tenant for approval, and discuss alternate methods and value engineering
  • Coordinate the design and construction process
  • Review build-out plans
  • Provide construction oversight
  • Collect vendor and equipment written guarantees and warranties
  • Conduct follow-up inspections
  • Review and recommend approval of plans and designs, in conjunction with the project architect and engineer


Our cutting edge accounting system, Yardi Voyager 7, allows property reports to be customized to the owner's specifications.

  • Rent Roll listing each tenant and showing their monthly base rent, square footage, and annual rent per square foot
  • General Ledger reporting both beginning and ending balances and all journal transactions for each account in a chart of accounts
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement listing outstanding checks and the difference between the book and bank balance
  • Ability to customize each report to meet your needs
  • Report any budget variances and discuss any pending property management issues in a monthly memo accompanying the Operating Statements

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