Our Commitment

Our Commitment


Celebrating over 25 years!

Kansas Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. leases and manages commercial real estate in Topeka and NE Kansas for corporate, institutional and individual customers. We are dedicated to providing the best possible commercial real estate services for all of the customers we serve. Whether you are BUYING, LEASING, SELLING, or searching for PROPERTY/FACILITY MANAGEMENT - we beat our competition. Let us work for you.


We know or can quickly find out more than anyone about:

  • What is on the market
  • What is not on the market but may be available
  • Who and what you will need to know to get your new property open for business
  • Who and what you will need to do to use your new property successfully


  • We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it
  • We do the work; you enjoy the benefits
  • Our staff is committed to and active in the community


  • Your time is valuable – so is ours
  • We provide solutions – before you realize you have a problem
  • We create opportunities – before you start looking for them

Every Time

We do the right thing right, the first time, every time because our team:

  • Has the experience to do this
  • Has built the relationships this requires
  • Has built the trust this requires
  • Treats everyone with dignity and respect