Brian Haney

Director of Financial Services

Brian is responsible for the Financial Services Department of Kansas Commercial's Property Management Division. He oversees all accounting functions related to Kansas Commercial's managed property and provides the owners with customized services to meet their individual needs.

Brian's specific responsibilities include:

bullet-red  Receivables Management

bullet-red  Financial Information Reporting

bullet-red  Property Management Banking

bullet-red  Customer Service 

bullet-red  Cash Flow Analysis

bullet-red  Special Project Accounting

Brian is charged with meeting and continually improving the efficiency and high standards of the Kansas Commercial Financial Services Department. Kansas Commercial uses industry specialized property management accounting software that provides critical financial information for our property owners.

Brian is a graduate of Eastern Illinois University with a degree in finance. He has an additional two years of university level training in accounting. Brain has been working in accounting for over 25 years. Prior to joining Kansas Commercial, Brian was the Chief Accountant and then a General Manager for a real estate company based in Illinois for the past 18 years. 



Brian Haney
Financial Services
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